Through art, I express the beauty I see in the World, and encourage others to notice the good - within and around them. 

Positive attitude is an art of perspective.

With my works and vision, I invite viewers into a dream – I encourage people to notice the positive around them. Through the levels of detail, I introduce multiple perspectives - to unfold the meaning gradually before the viewer – giving child-like joy of curiosity, triumph of discovery – back to adults.


Long in love with cognitive sciences, I play with colour, shape and materials to convey the whole spectrum of positive vibes – from visual beauty to child-like amusement and a deeper thought.


My art works are still objects full of movement – it is in a change in the interaction between the viewer and the art piece. I combine divergent techniques to provoke curiosity, and use abstract form for the viewers to relate to their own good memories and thoughts.

The whole world is art.

Anything around us has once been an idea – added a combination of courage, mastery and inspiration of people and natural forces to make it real. How many strokes of luck does it take to happen? Every object, place or situation is a miracle of a kind - a great source of inspiration and encouragement - near to hand for everyone. People, nature and appreciating the good in small things – the great values of Finnish culture – is what inspires me the most. Handmade works of art I create carry a unique human touch - manifesting individuality and the beauty of imperfect.


In my works I explore the topics of borderline and contrast - between nature and technology, digital and real, traditional and new, image and vibe, with the underlying focus on positive mindset and lucid dreams. As a woman artist, I am also interested in the topic of modern women and our role in contemporary cultural context.